Movers and Shakers: Board Directors of the Silicon Valley 150

Who Runs Silicon Valley: Board of Directors Edition

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Jointly sponsored by Lonergan Partners & the Silicon Valley Directors Exchange, this study profiles the boards & directors of the Silicon Valley 150.

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Seven Myths of Boards of Directors

David F. Larcker, Brian Tayan

James Irvin Miller Professor of Accounting
Professor of Law (by courtesy), Stanford Law School
Senior Faculty of the Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford
Director of the Directors’ Consortium Executive Program


Corporate governance experts pay considerable attention to issues involving the board of directors. Because of the scope of the board’s role and the vast responsibilities that come with directorship, companies are expected to adhere to common best practices in board structure, composition and procedures. While some of these practices contribute to board effectiveness, others have been shown to have no or a negative bearing on governance quality.