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Mo Sheng Minchun: "What cheap jerseys nfl nike time ...... why do not you call me?" "More than eleven." He replied a little impatience, paused said, "No need." Mo Sheng Mouguang slightly dim, turn the car window of the world. Now is the peak of the work, the road was a mess ...... blocking them, but also this has been blocked forever? "In Sum, noon you, we can not eat together in the X zone?" Chen abruptly to a move, turn first, looking at the window Sheng silent voice gently, facing the Who? He reversed sight, misty natural voice: "At noon I should not." In fact, not in the morning. "In Sum?" Laoyuan bells big eyes blinked a few times, looking at Tuimenzoujin firms who learn little girls hand rub and rub his eyes, "Is my eye problems, there has been an illusion? " "I see a problem is not just the eyes." To Chen glanced at him, walked into the office. Pidianpidian big man came to sit behind him: "At seven o'clock yesterday afternoon with your contact you are still in Guangzhou, how to come back cheap jerseys nfl now?" "At that time I was the airport." Chen sat down to open the document says. "Things have to run it?" "Almost." He said that the problem is almost all gone. Laoyuan sometimes have to admire the Young, Guangzhou thing to solve the already too tight in a week, and now he can actually completed ahead of the day, I really do not know how he did it! "Yesterday arrived home late, right? Doing so anxious, you come back today, too late." Laoyuan muttered, "If you know a loner like me, I have to suspect that you are coming back to catch up with his wife . " Originally written in the document with pen uniform suddenly meal, a heavy draw on paper traces. Chen from the file to the rise unceremoniously Xiazhukeling: "Laoyuan, if I remember correctly, you have to appear in court this morning." Mei Ting Chen from the conference room to see out of the hands of the data immediately handed him: "What a lawyer, I have the information you want to print out." "And this is the C major centennial celebration invitations, and their lawyer to lawyer Yuan sent together, I can help you take over the individual." "Thank you." Chen nod to take over, and open the C major landmarks printed fine invitations, says November 15 in C major centennial celebration. Mei Ting looked up at the clock on the wall, five forty. "What lawyer, if nothing else, then I'll work up." "Nothing happened, you can go." "Then I go first." Mei Ting packed his things, suddenly remembered, "What lawyers, just your cell phone rang several times." I did not see the party with cheap jerseys nfl mlb the phone, there are two of missed calls. A pass is another party called for Chen immediately hit back, talk for a few minutes, hang up. There is also a pass ...... fingers cheap jerseys nfl from china press the green button. Immediately pick up the other side. The "Sum." "What happened?" His voice was a bit cold.

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